A guide to storing wine safely at home

A good bottle of wine makes any event feel like a celebration, whether it is enjoyed alone or shared with others. Adam Richard Seger, pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement and an accredited Advanced Sommelier from The Court of Master Sommeliers, shares some tips on storing wine at home.

Image source: Unsplash.com

Keep away from heat and humidity

Heat can cause the wine to age earlier than expected, affecting its taste. The fruity and earthy flavor that makes a wine special will have a “cooked” taste. Also, too much heat can push the cork out, which might cause oxidation. On the other hand, while humidity is important in maintaining and storing wine, too much can cause damage. Adam Richard Seger suggests storing wine from 50-80% humidity. Going beyond this measurement might damage the seals and labels and can even lead to mold growth. In many cases, a dehumidifier can help control the dampness.

Store in a dark, dry, and cool place

Experts suggest storing wine in a spot far from sunlight, moisture, and heat to maintain the taste. For those who might not have that kind of space at home, wrapping bottles in a towel or cloth is a good idea. For those who have a growing collection of wine, investing in a sturdy cabinet will surely help. UV rays can cause the wine to prematurely age, affecting its overall quality.

Image source: Unsplash.com

Horizontal racking

Many wine lovers want to store the bottles for a long time, saving them for special occasions. However, many make the mistake of storing the bottles upright instead of sideways. Bottles that are using a cork are better stored sideways to avoid oxidation. When this happens, the wine might age prematurely.

Adam Richard Seger is a pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement. He is known for his unique approach to cocktail culture. Visit this page for more articles on food and wine.

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