Wine and cheese: What makes this combination work?

Drinking wine is about enjoying and savoring every flavor. For many foodies, the same can also be said about biting into a small slice of cheese. In this blog post, culinary expert Adam Richard Seger shares why what makes the beloved food and drink combination work.

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Historically, many wines and cheeses have been produced in the same region and sometimes even on the same farm. This can be seen especially in France and Italy. A particular region in these countries would be known for having its own wine and cheese specialty, which would be marketed together, a tradition that has been going on for generations.

But aside from the geographical factor, there is also a science as to why wine and cheese make a good pairing. In a 2012 study, researchers discovered how the concept of “mouthfeel” affects people’s reception to food and drink. The study revealed a pleasant taste that comes from pairing astringent and creamy or fatty foods.

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Master sommelier Adam Richard Seger advises wine and cheese lovers to match cheese with strong flavors to wine with a heavy body. For light-bodied wines, he suggests pairing them with delicate cheeses. Those who love aged cheese will enjoy pairing it with red wines that have a strong flavor. He says that the key to wine and cheese pairing is balance. If the taste of the food is rich, it will work well with an equally rich drink.

When it comes to wine and cheese, engaging the other senses will make the experience even better. Contrasting and harmonizing flavors are always a treat that allows a person to enjoy each sip and bite.

Adam Richard Seger is a pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement. He is known for his unique approach to cocktail culture. Visit this page for similar articles.

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