Five ways to become a better bartender

Preparing and serving drinks to customers require a variety of skills. As a professional in the hospitality, flavor, and teaching industries, Adam Richard Seger shares valuable tips to help bartenders become better at what they do.

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Be present when facing customers

This is true not just on days when the bar is not busy. Even when there are many orders, a good bartender should be attentive when communicating with customers. More than greeting them and asking for their orders and payment, a sincere smile will go a long way. When dealing with new customers, entertaining their questions will make them feel comfortable.

Secure payment after taking the order

After taking the order, it is only proper to get the customer’s payment, especially if they won’t be running a tab.

Observe cleanliness

Since the job involves handling drinks, Adam Richard Seger says that bartenders shouldn’t neglect their work area’s cleanliness. After taking a guest’s order, beverage napkins should be provided. Little spillages in front and behind the bar should also be promptly cleaned. Once a customer leaves, the area they occupied must be cleared. Lastly, bartenders should look presentable from their clothes, shoes, hair, and fingernails.

Hype the food menu

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While customers come to the bar to enjoy drinks, Adam Richard Seger says that the food menu should be excellent as well. Many customers like to eat before they drink, which is why it is good to have a menu that they can enjoy and remember. Bartenders shouldn’t be afraid to make suggestions when it comes to food.

Don’t be afraid to recommend drinks

Non-regulars might not know what they want to drink. Bartenders should be ready to give their recommendations. And if the customer chooses from these, bartenders should do their best to give them a drink they’ll enjoy.

Adam Richard Seger, CCP, is a pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement. He is known for his unique approach to cocktail culture. For more reads on the food and beverage industry, visit this page.

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